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Here at MTI we realize companies that fail to innovate and integrate new technology get left behind. This applies to every industry including construction which is why we strive to use the latest technology available to us in order to produce a better product more efficiently.  

AGTEK Sitework 4D is a software built specifically for earthwork and grading. It allows us to perform precise takeoffs for job sites producing cut and fill volumes and breaking down the type of materials being excavated whether it be rock or dirt. We also use AGTEK to create 3D GPS models for our machines to operate on and our surveyor to use in the field
HeavyJob is another software offered by HCSS and is integrated with HeavyBid. HeavyJob allows us to closely monitor the production of our job sites, personnel hours, equipment hours, material usage, and much more. The use of HeavyJob combined with HeavyBid lets us track our budgets of what we bid versus what we actually produced. 
Our in-house surveyor uses top of the line Trimble surveying equipment to precisely layout job sites. This equipment allows us to keep our job sites organized and grading operations efficient thus minimizing the potential for mistakes. Our heavy machinery are also equipped with Trimble modules to ensure we produce the best site possible. 
HCSS Plans provides our employees with quick and easy access to important construction documents both in the office and the field. It allows plans to be both marked up and shared between the key individuals without having to transfer bulky paper plans. HCSS Plans is accessible through the iPads that each of our foreman and management team have making collaboration easy and efficient. 
HeavyBid is another software in the HCSS family and is used to produce accurate estimates and bids quickly and efficiently. It compiles a customized list of construction activities, personnel, materials, and heavy equipment that our estimators can easily choose from. The use of HeavyBid allows us to produce better bids in a shorter period of time. 
We only use new, high quality heavy machinery on our job sites. Most of our fleet is CAT branded equipment which is widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers of construction equipment. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained and kept up to date so that we can maintain high levels of production without worrying about breakdowns. 
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