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Our Story


Everyone remembers the Stock Market Crash of 2008. The economy was the worst that it had been since the Great Depression. It was no different for Robin and Dean Carroll. Bills were coming in, but there was not any work going around. This forced them to make a decision for the sake of their family. It involved spending every dime that they had to purchase a mini excavator and a pick-up truck. The reason that they made the choice to start a business was one word: Family. Family is what has built MTI into the company we are today. Through the struggles and continued growth the past eleven years, that is the one variable that has not changed. Here at MTI, we are a family. Not one person is better than the man or woman standing next to them. We look after one another to ensure that everyone has the most success that they possibly can. We stress the importance of safety on our job sites as well. We realize that there is another family waiting on each of our employees when they get home every day. It is our responsibility as a company to ensure that our men and women feel safe and still have a great time. 

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